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Crowcast Epsisode 8: Ohio House Candidate Nancy Larson

Crowcast Epsisode 8: Ohio House Candidate Nancy Larson

Toledo-area Ohio House candidate Nancy Larson drops by Rooster HQ to give her diagnosis of state politics.
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We have a special week on The Crowcast in Nancy Larson, the Democratic Nominee for the newly drawn Ohio House District 41, which The Toledo Blade described like this:

[The District] now covers Sylvania and North Toledo along the Michigan line and across the Maumee River to the city of Oregon and along the shores of Lake Erie to Reno Beach.

Ohio House District 41 is special in state politics in that it’s a seat in which a Democrat has a real chance to win. Ms. Larson was in Columbus last week as part of her duties as a nominee, and she made time to stop by Rooster HQ for a conversation that is this week’s Crowcast:

We discussed her diagnosis for state politics, how she'll accomplish her goals as part of a super-minority party, our common disdain for Speaker Cupp and Senate President Huffman, and more.

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