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Interesting DJ. A few years ago my wife and I bought tickets to see Food Author and Chef Samin Nosrat speak at an event put on the by the Upper Arlington Library Foundation. After her talk (which was great) there was an interview/Q&A session which was moderated by Jeni. We were dismayed that instead of letting the featured speaker (who we paid to see) do most of the talking, Jeni continued to interrupt and interject things about herself and her business into the "conversation". As my wife said later - "I didn't pay to hear someone talk about f*king Salty Carmel".

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This is one of the insane and interesting reads. Keep it up! You’re getting noticed on the r/Columbus subreddit.

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A message for all Rooster haters: You come at the king, you best not miss.

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There is a story to tell about Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, but unfortunately this isn’t it. Jeni is eccentric and like many celebrities can be tone deaf, narcissistic, ostentatious and yes, on occasion even a poor manager of people. Congratulations. You just described every founder of every company.

But none of that is a crime let alone worthy of being accused (without basis I might add) of being a “coke fiend.”

This story while sensationalistic, is really, really bad journalism. Scratch that it is isn’t journalism. It’s petty gossipmongering and heresay.

Just because some disgruntled, entitled, twenty-something employee makes vicious and worse yet, unsubstantiated claims about drug and sexual addiction doesn’t make them true. And the fact that your story offers no corroboration makes it even worse. She could sue you for libel.

Instead of a fair takedown of a bloated personality or a well researched expose of corporate malfeasance, this reads just like a cheap hit job. All the whiny employees who accepted minimum wage jobs at a start up and then bitch because the founder - who you know- actually founded a business - and who had the audacity to get rich makes me actually feel sorry for Jeni which appears to be the opposite of your article’s intent.

The peole you spoke with come across as petty, mean gossipers and bitter Gen Z losers. Norma Rae they are not.

Worse still, the article is rife with errors. For example, Jeni never said she was from Illinois, she has always said she was from UA. She talks instead about having spent summers in Illinois with her family, something the former employee might know had they not been thinking up silly grievances when they could have been listening more closely at orientation. Jeni also has never been slow to voice her progressive political opinions as another interview subject claims. She has repeatedly voice her support for gun control, women’s reproductive rights and Joe Biden.

But perhaps the most ridiculous claim is that John Lowe was the brains behind the outfit. The listeria scare happened on his watch. He failed to hire a food scientist or food safety team capable of building a more food safe production environment. He also “got rich” off the backs of these poor workers so why did you reserve no vitriol for him? Or is it just fun to bash female celebrities?

Folks in the business community who could have dished a lot more substantial and substantiated dirt than the disgruntled employees you interviewed could tell you that Lowe, rather than Ms. Britton, contends for the crown of the most arrogant of Jeni’s management team. And he didn’t quit he was asked to leave. In fact if I didn’t know better I’d swear you spoke to Lowe. But had you would have disclosed that right?

Regardless, this take down may get some attention but the article is just gross- grossly unfair, grossly salacious and grossly incorrect on so many levels that any fun that might have been derived from a fair and lighthearted takedown of a “silly infliencer” instead just leaves the reader feeling dirty.

And to that self described “kid” who was old enough to have graduated college that griped that the quarts of ice cream cost the same as her hourly wage (as if that were somehow relevant or at all a valid reason to complain), this is all I have to say: perhaps it’s your issues and not Jeni’s that forced someone with a college degree to be working in fast food scooping ice cream. Do better Rosster.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to go take a shower and scrub off the grime from this article with a wire brush

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