Hello my fellow politically warped minded sick-in-the-head Ohioan!

Great research/coverage on this!

Whoa there's a lot of these big money scheming goin'on aint there!!??

It's amazing how these richie riches fund themselves. Gym Jord'n, for example, is a henchmen for billionaire interests. He's for sure got superior blowjob skills which correlate directly with his rise in congress. The billionaires directly put him there with the use of Cambridge-analitica-style public works project level mind tricks on us lowly peasants!

You're one of the only lines of defenses we have right now DJ! Good work!!!

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Your appearance before the feckless appointed rubes on city council is classic Rooster! They just don’t know what to do when confronted with an actual critic. Even just watching the video one can sense their discomfort and fear.

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I don't know if you've done them before, but I appreciate the summaries of news from around the state. I have no idea where else to find snippets of whats going on across our little patch of land.

Also, thank for mentioning Brigid Kelly. A friend of mine and I went to high school with her. We were talking about her entering hospice last night. This hits hard.

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